Christopher Rose

Your Choice Project

3 Sites Created for the "Your Choice" Project

Christopher RoseChristopher Rose


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This site is designed for our new/leaving teachers of the district. Teachers will be able to visit this site at the beginning of next year and get all of the information they need in order to start a successful year.

HCSD Education

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This has been an ongoing project throughout this year that I spend some time on for this class. The EDU site allows teachers to login using their Google accounts (GAFE) and complete courses through the system. It is gamified and awards badges (Open Badges) for credit once they complete a course. Also, each course has and equivalent CEU credit that automatically awards LPDC credit for license renewal!

HCSD Technology Roadmap

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My latest project is the HCSD web portal. All staff and students login with their Google accounts and they have a customized dashboard of applications we create that they have access to. We are partnering up with other districts to have contributors to future modules.

I am currently a Web Developer living in Cincinnati, OH. I create and build websites that reflect my passion for simplicity and good design.