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My Top 10 iOS Apps

Christopher RoseChristopher Rose

In this blog post I would like to share my top 10 used iOS apps.  I use the following apps on a regular basis to communicate, monitor, and manage my professional and personal life.


  • Twitter – A fantastic tool for personal and professional development. I use Twitter to follow and communicate with leaders in education, design, and technology.
  • Hangouts – I love using Google Hangouts to easily communicate with colleagues and friends. Hangouts provides free text/audio/video communication that works on all devices.
  • Classroom – Google Classroom allows me to communicate with my Algebra 2 & Pre-Calculus classes in a professional and secure environment.


  • Analytics – Google Analytics allows me to quickly check website activity for all websites I host/support.  I can use the powerful analytic tools to enhance website UI/UX.
  • Flipboard – Like Twitter, Flipboard allows me to follow leading experts in my many fields of interest.  It allows me to quickly visit a wide range of online resources in 1 location.
  • Sonos – I love my Sonos system.  I use Sonos to stream music services throughout my house.  Sonos can be put into “Party Mode” which allows all rooms to play the same music or “independent mode” that allows different music in each room of the house.


  • Calendar – The recently introduced Google Calendar app for iOS gives users an informative and beautiful look into their Google Calendar.  The app uses the newly introduced Google Material Design.
  • OpenTable – I love using OpenTable to get reservations at local restaurants.  No more waiting!
  • Drive – Google Drive organizes my life.  I use Google Drive to organize all of my professional and personal files.  Since Google introduced “unlimited” storage for GAFE, I have started to migrate all of my professional work files to my Google Drive.
  • Gmail – Gmail for iOS allows me to keep up with all of my personal and professional email.  I can quickly switch between user accounts to manage my multiple Google accounts.  I prefer using the Gmail app to the native iOS Mail app because of it’s ability to send push notifications rather than iMAP fetching.

I am currently a Web Developer living in Cincinnati, OH. I create and build websites that reflect my passion for simplicity and good design.

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