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Blogging has changed the way educators and students are able to share information.  By creating a blog, teachers and students are able to share ideas and thoughts with the entire world.

For students, blogging has an educational value for many reasons:

By creating a blog, students are able to extend their learning outside of the classroom.  They have the ability to learn and collaborate with fellow classmates, teachers, and leading experts in a professional manor.  Blogging can allow students to connect ideas learned in other content areas that will allow them to develop an online learning portfolio they can use after graduating.

Here are 5 blogs that I really enjoy reading: – This blog was created by Richard Byrne.  I really like how the site is devoted to sharing tools and resources that a classroom teaching can use in their classroom.  As a former high school teacher, Richard is able to bring a classroom perspective to all of his posts.  He knows what will and won’t work in a high school classroom.  I really enjoyed the cross section of materials he lists on his blog ranging from iPads to Google to general educational technology. – I had a chance to hear Vicki Davis speak at a recent technology conference.  I really like her blog because she is a “real” teacher sharing her ideas with fellow educators.  Not only does she post technology tips, but she also posts inspirational ideas that can help educators get creative when teaching their content. – I love reading MindShift! MindShift always gets me thinking about my students and how I can better serve their needs as an educator. – Similar to MindShift, Edutopia helps educators find real examples of using technology in the classroom.  They give practical ideas from real teachers while connecting technology to sound educational practices. – I enjoy exploring and reading Dan Callahan’s blog because he focuses in on professional development for education.  His posts are very casual and fun to read.

I am currently a Web Developer living in Cincinnati, OH. I create and build websites that reflect my passion for simplicity and good design.

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