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Building a Powerful, Expandable, Web Portal

Christopher RoseChristopher Rose

Being a software developer requires you to be an investigator. Many clients instinctively know what they want a project to accomplish, however have difficulty reaching their goal. In order to meet a clients expectations, a developer must live and breath the life of a client. Only after being in the footsteps of the client will the developer truly understand the challenges and be able to provide a suitable solution.

In order to meet a clients expectations, a developer must live and breath the life of a client.

One of the recent projects for Hamilton was the district-wide web portal. The core purpose of the web portal is to provide staff and students a “digital hub” for everything they do. The portal serves as a one stop shop for their daily digital activity. The portal provides a SSO solution using Google Authentication, where all users use their GAFE accounts to securely authenticate with the system.


After signing into the portal using their Google account, the system recognizes their role as a staff or student and provides them with a custom interface that presents content that is relevant to them. For example, their stream lists all applications that they will use, while providing district curated news/stories that relate to their job and interests.


The portal provides a consistent interface where we can develop additional systems which are role dependent. For example, the Directory module allows human resources to track all employees of the district. It allows employees to be added, archived, deleted, imported and exported while providing custom report data to help manage a large and diverse staff.


At Hamilton, we are excited to see what we are able to develop through our portal. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience for the end user by harnessing the power of our existing data.

I am currently a Web Developer living in Cincinnati, OH. I create and build websites that reflect my passion for simplicity and good design.

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