Christopher Rose

Using Git to Collaborate on Code

What is Git? GitHub, GitBucket, GitLab. If you have spent any amount of time in the developer world, you have heard these terms. Git allows developers to store their files through snapshots. Each time a developer issues a commit (save), a snapshot of the data is saved. To prevent bloated storage and confusing projects, Git snapshots [...]

Christopher RoseChristopher Rose

Material Design Poster

Ever since Google I/O 2014, I have been inspired by Google Material Design. I love the idea of creating simple to use, consistent interfaces that can translate to all electronic platforms. Over the weekend, I decided to create a poster to highlight the fundamentals of Material Design. I created this poster to show my appreciation for [...]

Christopher RoseChristopher Rose


It’s amazing how many things I read, hear, and see each day that inspire me.  Whether it is reading articles on Flipboard, viewing the latest tweets on Twitter, or talking to colleagues, I am never short on ideas and dreams.  One of my most recent finds comes from a small design studio in Vancouver, Canada.  Embassy Visual [...]

Christopher RoseChristopher Rose